Heather Ray Photography

Your story is…you.

All of the little moments in your day to day life–the sleepy hugs in the morning, the midafternoon kite-flying, the long strolls in your favorite park, a favorite bedtime book–these little moments make up your story.

My job…my PASSION…is saving these little moments so that years to come, those who call you “special” can read the story of your life.

It’s why I meet with you before our sessions to find out your favorite books, the best meal you ever had, the way you met the love of your life.

It’s why I create a special Pinterest board just for you to help guide the style of our session.

It’s why I encourage TRUE lifestyle sessions in your home or favorite places, where we can get a real sense of the person you are and the things (and people) that you love.

It’s also why I LOVE story-telling sessions, where we haul out the props and costumes and riff on the books and movies and ideas that inspire you.

It’s why I offer beautiful heirloom-quality prints and products in gorgeous packaging so that you can let your story tell itself instead of keeping it trapped inside a computer or phone.

It’s why I give all my clients discounts on future sessions and products and incentives for introducing me to new clients.  I want to be telling your stories for a long time.

Session prices start at $250 for a lifestyle session with ten free digital images.  Give me a call at 478-397-3597 or email me at hrp@hrayphotography.com when you are ready to tell your story!