Mr. H’s Newborn Session


I think Mr. H is one of the most adorable babies on the planet, most likely because he’s my nephew, but also because there are some things in this world that can’t be denied.  His session highlights all of the things I hold dear in newborn photography:  using natural light and “home” as a backdrop, bringing in family quilts and treasures as props, and making sure to get plenty of pictures with mom and dad doing mom and dad things.

In this case, we took this gorgeous boy into our daddy’s garden, snuggled him down on a quilt made by my grandmother’s sister under a muscadine vine and went to town.  We had a quick snack and cuddle break, then out to the front yard, where he spent some time cradled on a tree trunk we used to climb as children.

Thanks to my wonderful brother and sister in law for letting me share these moments with this boy.  I love him (and you) so much!

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