Haleigh–A Senior Session with HRP


I met up with Haleigh and her mom and grandma at a coffee shop in tiny little Eastman, Georgia.  To be honest, I was surprised there WAS a coffee shop, because when I say tiny, I mean TINY.   As her mom and I chatted, I kept sneaking glances at Haleigh and her gooorgeous honey-colored hair.  I knew Whitney was gonna have a FIT over it, especially when Haleigh said, in the middle of discussing the styling we used, “I LOVE big hair!”  Among her other loves:  her dog, soccer, and the book To Kill a Mockingbird.  HOW am I finding these kids who love my favorite books?  I don’t know, but I hope it keeps happening, because it just inspires me so much.

Because we live in Georgia and it is humid and hairspray can only do so much, we started with BIG hair on the road and property near Haleigh’s house.  This is a classic example of how you don’t have to go to “exotic” locations to get beautiful shots.  We visited her high school and a beautiful garden in Eastman before heading downtown to Charlton’s Place.  (If you’re ever in downtown Eastman, do yourself a favor and visit this store.  It’s chock-full of beautiful clothes, charming knickknacks, and even tasty Southern treats.)  The owner was graciously letting me use the front porch, gazebo porch, and area around the shop for the TKAM portion of the shoot.  Down all that gorgeous hair went into tomboyish braids, on went the white tee and overalls, and we dolled her up with a little red lipstick that just suited the feel we were going for.  I think we were all surprised at the dramatic changes these little tweaks brought out.

I am just in looooove with this session and think that it perfectly represents what I want to give my clients:  a fun, beautiful, DIFFERENT selection of portraits that tell the story of the person behind the smile.

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Styling:  Whitney Ondike

Special thanks to:  Charlton’s Place 

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